Jon Ralston: Hillary’s UNLV Speaking Fee ‘Obscene, Grotesque’

Ralston: Hillary 'should be ashamed'


Nevada journalist Jon Ralston called Hillary Clinton's speaking fee at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, (UNLV) "obscene" and "grotesque."

The UNLV Foundation booked Clinton to speak at a dinner this fall. The Foundation will pay her $225,000.

"Let that sink in," Ralston exclaimed. "$225,000. At a school where these same Southern Nevada leaders who complain about unfair funding now sanction coughing up almost a quarter mil to hear the former first lady speak? At a school where students have to struggle to pay for tuition and fee increases because the state won't fund education properly?

"I'm not sure what the proper adjective is, here. Obscene? Grotesque? Revolting? Take your pick."

Ralston declared that Clinton, "who advocates for affordable education, should be ashamed, as should the Foundation." He slammed the Foundation for displaying "astonishingly bad judgement" in their use of money.

Ralston wondered, "Is anyone, anyone, worth that much money?"