Jobs Council MIA


President Obama’s much-touted Jobs Council has not been seen in public for half a year, highlighting the president’s failure to implement most of their recommendations, according to Politico.

Business leaders on the council are likely hesitant to embrace the president, and some of the companies engage in outsourcing, a political sore spot for Obama:

For starters, there’s the discomfort many business leaders may feel in appearing to embrace the president with his reelection bid in full swing.

Then, there’s the fact that some members of the commission have conspicuously declined to endorse him. And that Obama has conspicuously declined to endorse some of their recommendations. And that some of what Obama won’t endorse has been warmly embraced by Republicans, including likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

To cap it all off, several of the companies whose CEOs serve on the panel are involved to some extent in outsourcing — a fact that could undercut the ferocious attack Obama and his campaign are mounting on Romney over his alleged ties to the practice.