Jim Inhofe: America’s Senator

GOP Sen. on caller who compared Israel to Nazis: 'That was the most painful 30 seconds I've ever had to sit through to listen to that'


Sen. Jim Inhofe (R., Okla.) ripped a C-SPAN caller Wednesday morning, who ranted at length against the state of Israel and compared the Israelis to Nazis.

“That was the most painful 30 seconds I’ve ever had to sit through to listen to that,” Inhofe replied. “The only true, loyal friend we have in the Middle East is Israel.”

Inhofe has expressed concerns in recent weeks over defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel’s response in a similar situation. In a 2009 interview with Al Jazeera, Hagel agreed with a caller who labeled the United States “the world’s bully.”

“Well, her observation is a good one and it’s relevant,” Hagel said during the March 2009 interview. “Yes, to her question, and again I think that’s all part of leadership.”

When asked about agreeing with the “bully” comment during his January confirmation hearing, Hagel said he “didn’t hear her say that.”

Inhofe voted against advancing Hagel’s nomination to a full Senate vote Tuesday.