Issa on House Immigration Negotiations

Issa: Bill must have an enforcement trigger


Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) said that any compromise on immigration must have enforcement triggers to ensure that Congress does not have address the issue in the future Tuesday on Fox News:

DARRELL ISSA: Well, I think that the Senate was ahead of everyone, and on a bipartisan basis they outlined some of the structures of a good, bipartisan bill. The president then took that, repeated it but left off the enforcement trigger, something that they had agreed on a bipartisan basis would cause them not to have to deal with eleven million illegals again. So in a sense the president's trying to go to the left of a bipartisan Senate deal, and I think Republicans in the House are trying to figure out what we can do on a bipartisan basis, or a partisan basis if necessary, that will help fix this problem, help people who want to be here and who can add to our economy, be here and add to our economy.