IRS Agent Tells Pro-Life Group to Stay Neutral on Abortion

'You have no right to go against other people's beliefs'


An IRS agent was recorded on audiotape telling a pro-life organization it had to remain neutral on the issue of abortion and lectured the group’s president about forcing its religious beliefs on others, Fox reports.

In March 2012, Pro-Life Revolution President Ania Joseph received a call from IRS Exempt Organization Specialist Sherry Wan, according to Alliance Defending Freedom, who inaccurately told Joseph that the organization must remain neutral on positions such as abortion to get a tax exemption. The IRS has approved such applications for pro-choice groups such as Planned Parenthood and Life and Liberty for Women:

"You have to know your boundaries," Wan told Joseph. "You have to know your limits. You have to respect other people’s beliefs."

The Alliance Defending Freedom said Joseph recorded the March 8, 2012 conversation during a two-year battle with the IRS to obtain tax-exempt status.

"You have the religious freedom; the freedom of speech," Wan told the pro-life president. "And other people also have the civil rights; human rights. You cannot, you know, use your religious belief to tell other people you don’t have a belief. So I don’t believe you need the right to do this."

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