Indiana Gun Sales Spike After Assault Weapons Debate Question


Gun store owners in the state of Indiana say assault weapon sales have spiked after President Obama called for reintroducing the assault weapons ban in the second presidential debate, WTHR in Indianapolis reports:

Sale of assault rifles are going through the roof, as talk by President Barack Obama of an assault weapons ban has some guns doubling in price.

"Because a lot of them are talking, they are just putting them away. Right now, the stock market is down, they are getting better returns on these rifles if the election goes Barack Obama's way," said Greg Burge, Beech Grove Firearms. […]

"So if you can buy a rifle today for, say, $900 and speculate that after the election and, if he should win it, is gonna be worth $1,800, you can do the percentages versus your 401," said Burge.