HuffPo Misleads ‘Bachelor’ Viewers

The Bachelor 2013 /


The Huffington Post offered yet another example of shoddy pseudo-journalism with a misleading article last Friday on their "HUFFPOST TV" website titled, ‘The Bachelor': Catherine Turns Down The Fantasy Suite (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)." HuffPo followed up the matter-of-fact headline with the following unanswered questions:

"But will all three accept Sean's invitation? […] Will it mean the end of her relationship with Sean, or will he respect her traditional values? And which bachelorette will end the night ‘devastated and inconsolable, not talking to him at all?’" 

The video posted on the page was meticulously edited to feed into HuffPo’s disingenuous headline. Catherine explains in the snippet, "I’m more traditional about relationships," and responded to "The Bachelor’s" generous invite to one of the three highly desired "fantasy suites" by saying, "I knew going into this that I wouldn’t let myself do that."

As it turns out, Catherine’s reported "struggle" was anything but difficult as the finalist did, in fact, pocket the key to her fantasy suite to celebrate her traditional values with Six-Pack-Sean during last night’s episode.

Reid Rosenthal, a Philadelphia real estate agent and finalist from season five of "The Bachelorette," explained why the discrepancy may have occurred in a statement provided to the Free Beacon:

"When third parties report on these shows, they obviously never know what they’re talking about because ABC keeps everything that happens during filming confidential until these shows air. People like to speculate about what happens on shows like "The Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" and the producers love it because it creates a buzz for the next week. I’ve read tons of speculations about things that happen on the show, some are true and others are not."

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