Hillary Clinton’s Support Falls Among Young Voters, Democrats, and Independents

Positive view of Hillary Clinton fell from 56 percent to 46 percent since April


A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Thursday shows Hillary Clintons support slumping recently with young voters, Democrats, and independents. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Overall, 46 percent registered a positive view of the ex-secretary of state, compared to 33 percent who expressed a negative opinion. As recently as April, 56 percent saw Mrs. Clinton in a positive light.

Mrs. Clinton has not yet declared her intentions in the 2016 presidential race, but if she runs she would be the solid front-runner in the Democratic field, public polling has shown. […]

In April, … 53 percent of 18-to-34-year olds had a positive image of Mrs. Clinton in the Journal’s polling. That figure fell to 38 percent in the new survey.

In that same period, Mrs. Clinton’s support among independents fell from 46 percent to 35 percent. Her support among Democrats fell 12 points – from 88 percent to 76 percent.