Hillary Clinton Supporters Have Lower Credit Scores Than Supporters of Any Other Candidate


Americans who support Hillary Clinton are more likely to have bad credit scores than supporters of any other presidential candidate, according to a national survey conducted by Wallet Hub.

More than a quarter of Clinton's supporters have bad credit, putting them just ahead of Bernie Sanders supporters, 22 percent of whom have bad credit, according to the survey.

None of the remaining four Republican presidential candidates have a higher percentage of supporters with bad credit than either Clinton or Sanders. Trump supporters came closest, with 20 percent reporting bad credit.

Supporters of Republican candidates also lead the field when it comes to having excellent credit. John Kasich supporters led the field with nearly 60 percent reporting an excellent credit score, just ahead of Marco Rubio supporters (58 percent) and Ted Cruz supporters (55 percent).

Only 49 percent of Trump supporters reported excellent credit scores, just under supporters of Sanders (51 percent) and Clinton (50 percent).

"While the bulk of the attention is rightfully paid to the candidates themselves, there remains a great deal that we can learn about the very voters supporting them and thus each candidate’s message," wrote Alina Comoreanu, a researcher at Evolution Finance. "One issue in particular, personal finance, encapsulates the economic struggles endured by much of the populous in recent years and can, in turn, be condensed into an easily digestible three-digit number known as a credit score."

In addition to asking who respondents supported for president and their credit rating, Wallet Hub also asked whether or not they thought that climate change was real. The survey found that people with bad credit scores were most likely to say that they think climate change exists. The average credit score of someone who believes climate change is real was 689, compared to an average credit score of 707 for someone that does not.

The Wallet Hub survey was conducted between March 9 and March 13 and included 765 participants across the country. The data was normalized after it was collected to reflect U.S. demographics.

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Brent Scher is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from the University of Virginia, where he studied foreign affairs and politics.

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