Harrington Breaks Down GOP Presidential Debate, Christie Endorsement of Trump


The Washington Free Beacon‘s Liz Harrington spoke on Fox News Friday about contentious GOP presidential debate Thursday night and Chris Christie's surprising endorsement of Donald Trump.

Harrington started off by noting that there were a lot of insults, but she felt as if a lot of the viewers enjoyed the debate since the candidates were actually debating about issues that affect the United States.

"There were a lot of insults and it definitely was kind of messy," she said. "But, I think a lot of people actually were kind of happy about the debate because it was actually a debate last night. You really, for the first time, it took, you know, ten debates to get here, but the candidates were really going after each other and debating each other. There were moments where you just kind of wanted the moderators to go away."

Jenna Lee brought up the following quote from Taegan Goddard, who wrote "the runaway winner of this debate was the Democratic Party. If there are many more nights like this one, the Democratic nominee will have a much easier time in November. It was truly a pathetic mess."

Harrington responded by acknowledging that the Republican debate got a little messy at points, but noted that she does not believe that this debate will really make a difference for voters when the November elections come around.

"And yes, it gets kind of messy and heated, and that might turn some people off, but there’s a long time to go before it’s a head-to-head between the Republicans and the Democrats." Harrington said. "I don’t think people are going to be, ‘oh the Republicans were so mean in that debate to each other, I could just never vote for them.’ Come November, I don’t think this debate at this time is going to matter that much."

As for Christie, Harrington said Trump had an uncanny ability to turn the media cycle back on himself after Marco Rubio grabbd attention with a spirited debate performance Thursday.

"Up until this point, we're talking about the debate, how Marco Rubio finally grasped how you attack Trump, you get on his level,  make fun of the tweets, say he's having a meltdown," he said. "Just as Rubio's figured this out, Trump takes all the oxygen away from him."

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