Harrington Breaks Down GOP and Democratic Races in New Hampshire


Washington Free Beacon Elizabeth Harrington broke down the latest in the 2016 GOP primary race Friday on Fox News, assessing the strength of frontrunner Donald Trump there and the potential surge of Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.).

After Rubio outperformed his polls Iowa by finishing just behind Trump to take third place, he's seen an uptick in the New Hampshire polls to close the gap on Trump, who still holds a wide lead in the northern state.

"It looks like Trump still has a pretty good lead, but I expect Rubio to finish pretty strongly there as well," Harrington said.

She also suggested that Trump, after losing Iowa following months of constantly trumpeting his strong polls, did not want to increase expectations too much in New Hampshire, where he's expected to win.

"Once you don't win in Iowa, you can't really say that you're winning all the time," she said.

Harrington and Fox News host Jon Scott also discussed the state of play in the Democratic race, where Bernie Sanders battled to a virtual tie with frontrunner Hillary Clinton in Iowa and now leads her by double digits in the New Hampshire primary.

"People are just kind of tired of her. She's been around forever … Say what you want about Bernie Sanders," she said. "He has conviction. His message has been consistent, and people gravitate towards that. I think it shows her weakness as a candidate all along that he's been able to pull this close, likely win New Hampshire, almost won Iowa."

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