Gun Sales Continue to Rise


News channels across the country report that local gun stores are seeing increases in demand for guns and concealed weapons’ permits two days after President Barack Obama's reelection victory.

CBS12 News, from Augusta, Ga., spoke to Butch Roberson, owner of Carolina Outdoors, who said the rise comes from "the discussion on gun control. It’s been talked about for years and years."

He added, "Any time you have an election like you did last night that you have people that are fearful that certain types of guns are going to be banned."

Similar explanations are being made in other parts of the country.

Trevor Hale, a self-described "Gun Enthusiast" in Oklahoma, said he is buying guns "in case there is a ban on how much we can buy at a time, or what kind we can buy or what kind we can’t buy."

The uptick in sales is also having an affect on stock prices. In their report today, FOX66 of Erie, Pa. said that the gun makers Sturm Ruger and Smith & Wesson have seen 6 percent and 10 percent boost in their shares, respectively.