Guess How Much It Costs to Become a U.S. Ambassador

Obama nominates four bundlers for ambassador posts

Wikimedia Commons


President Obama tapped four major Democratic donors for ambassador positions on Monday, continuing a long tradition of rewarding campaign fundraisers with posh, taxpayer-funded overseas positions.

All four nominees are deep-pocketed donors who spent upwards of $100,000 bankrolling the Democratic Party. The Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan transparency watchdog, compiled a list of the recent nominees:

  • Colleen Bell, a Hollywood soap opera producer whom Obama has tapped to be ambassador to Hungary, has donated more than $293,000. Her husband, fellow "The Bold and the Beautiful" producer Bradley Bell, was an especially enthusiastic funder of the Obama campaign. The couple also hosted a star-studded fundraiser for the president at their home during the last campaign, PT records reveal.
  • Dwight Bush, a DC investment banker who hopes to take over the embassy in Morocco, has, together with his son, Dwight Bush Jr., made more than $140,000 in campaign contributions.With a few strategic exceptions that money went  almost entirely to Democrats.