Griffin: The Sequester Is Compromise

'When you compromise with someone, you're going to get some of their bad ideas in the final deal'


Rep. Tim Griffin (R., Ark.) addressed those in the media calling for Congress to compromise on the sequester Tuesday on MSNBC. Griffin contended Congress has already compromised, as evidenced by the very existence of the sequester:

CHUCK TODD: So Senate Republicans need to get involved in this?

TIM GRIFFIN: No, what I’m saying is they need to work it out over there. I’m not going to tell the Senate how to do their business, but they — where br they start looking for us to lead them we’ve passesed two bills. The president passes nothing. The president’s party controls the Senate. They need to get their act together, and, you know, when it comes — I hear a lot from people on your network especially, about the need for people in had Congress to compromise. Well, I would just remind you that the sequester is compromise. The sequester came out of compromise. When you compromise with someone, you’re going to get some of their bad ideas in the final deal. That’s exactly what we got. This is the president’s bad idea, and now we’re living with it.

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