Grey Lady Gets Burned from the Grave

Wikimedia Commons


A New York City man went out in style, taking a departing shot at the Grey Lady that appeared in its own pages.

A paid death notice published by the New York Times noted that Israel-born New Yorker Amos Shuchman "loved everything about NYC, except the New York Times."

Dan Amira of New York Magazine speculated Shuchman’s antipathy for the Times is tied to the "newspaper of record's" criticism of his nation of birth.

"We’re going to go ahead and guess that Amos Shuchman’s immortal hatred for the Times might have something to do with its stance toward Israel?" he wrote.

The Times has a reputation for biased and inaccurate reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and has reinforced this reputation time and time again.

Shuchman may also have been turned off by the progressivism that "virtually bleeds through the fabric" of the paper.

Whatever the root of Shuchman’s animosity, however, the Free Beacon shares it.