Georgia DOT Burns Nearly $100,000 Replacing Month-Old Highway Median


A paving mistake by the George Department of Transportation will put taxpayers back $98,000, as reported by WXIA in Atlanta, Ga.

The George DOT recently put the touches on constructing a concrete highway median in suburban Atlanta in according to a $13-million intiative to modernize roads.  When proposed to taxpayers in its planing stages, the DOT promised the highway medians would consist of grass and trees.

Once citizens noticed that the DOT was laying concrete, locals approached city management to complain.  WXIA reports:

"We all see it as waste," said Johnson Ferry Road resident James Cleary. "It adds up to pour all that concrete, then come in and tear it out."

A spokesman for the DOT says instead of concrete, the medians were supposed to include grass and trees.

"We went back and looked and realized it was in fact a mistake on our part," said the DOT's Mark McKinnon. "We're making that mistake good, it will just take a little longer and cost a little more money."

McKinnon estimates the mistake will cost taxpayers around $98,000.

Georgia DOT has said the mistake was a result of overlooking details and is taking responsibility as a department as a whole.

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