Gallup: Trump Drops 17 Points on Whether He Keeps His Promises

U.S. President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump / Getty Images


President Donald Trump has dropped 17 points since February on the question of whether Americans believe he keeps his promises, according to a new Gallup survey.

Shortly after taking office, a Gallup poll showed 62 percent of Americans believed Trump kept his promises, but the same survey taken from April 5 to 9 showed only 45 percent felt the same way.

The decline came across the political spectrum, although it was more stark with Democrats (37 percent down to 16 percent) and Independents (59 percent down to 43 percent), who respectively had 21- and 16-point declines in whether they believe Trump keeps his promises. Eighty-one percent of Republicans still believe Trump keeps his promises, down from 92 percent in February.

Trump's successes include the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and executive order rollbacks of Obama-era regulations, but he has also had significant setbacks on his promised repeal of Obamacare and his proposed temporary immigration ban.

Trump also showed declines in the poll on being honest and trustworthy (36 percent down from 42 percent), ability to manage the government effectively (41 percent down from 44 percent), and ability to bring about changes the country needs (46 percent down from 53 percent).

Fifty-two percent of those surveyed believe Trump is a strong and decisive leader, although that is down from 59 percent in February.

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