Former Trump University Salesman in New Ad: ‘I Was Ashamed to Work There’


The criticism of Trump University continues with a new ad showing a salesman mourning his role with the now-defunct company that has Donald Trump facing multiple lawsuits.

"My job was to sell people on Trump University, and I'm here to tell the true story about it," he said. "Basically, I would cold-call people that have been to the Trump seminars. We take you on an emotional roller coaster. When it came to people working directly with the Trump investors, the mentors that they worked with were not as qualified as they thought they were.

"Literally sat in the same call center that we did, in a cubicle right next to me."

Cliff added the company was D-rated by the Better Business Bureau.

"Non-stop calls with complaints and people just totally unhappy with the course. I was ashamed to work there," Cliff said. "I think of myself as a good, ethical, godly man. I think I walked away from the job because I thought it would be easier for me to sleep at night. I personally don't trust Donald Trump. With Donald Trump, you always have to read the fine print."

GOP rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have repeatedly criticized Trump over Trump University, which was not an accredited academic institution, as a scam and further proof that he's not a trustworthy candidate.

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