Former Marine Tears Down Piers Morgan’s Anti-Second Amendment Arguments

Boston "We can’t give up our rights because we are afraid"


Former Marine Joshua Boston appeared on "Piers Morgan Tonight" Tuesday to defend the second amendment.

"The American people aren’t as gun happy and as trigger happy as they are being painted out to be by the media, they are smarter than that, they know when to hold their fire and they know when to fire. We can
increase the chances of success for these people who get caught in these situations by education. We have to stop making this a taboo subject to everyone because it’s scary, we can’t give up our rights because we are afraid," Boston told Piers Morgan.

Boston, a former Marine who deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq multiple times, gained public attention after writing a scathing letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) who’s proposed legislation would force some current rifle owners to register their weapons and undergo new background checks.

Piers Morgan has used his nightly program to argue against second amendment rights and has become the target of a White House petition demanding his deportation because of his outspoken views.