Florida Men Tell MSNBC They’re Supporting Clinton in Primary But Voting for Trump in the General


Two Florida men identifying as Democrats told MSNBC's Thomas Roberts on Tuesday that they would vote for Hillary Clinton in the Florida primary but then support Donald Trump in the general election.

Roberts stopped in a Tampa, Florida, restaurant to do a "man-on-the-scene" interview that's become more prevalent on the network during this cycle.

"I'm a registered Democrat, so I'm going to vote for Hillary in the primary, but I'm thinking about voting for Donald Trump in the general election," Bill Hinson said.

"Oh wow, so you're a rare breed," Roberts said. "Why? Why would you do that?"

"I think the Republican Party needs to be shaken up, and I think Donald Trump is just the person to do that, so that the establishment figures won't rule the party so much," Hinson said.

"Interesting strategy there," Roberts said. "Because Florida being a closed primary, so you've got to vote with who you're aligned to."

Roberts turned over to Bruce Jordan next.

"I'm a ‘D,' so I would go with Hillary in the primary and maybe Donald Trump in the general, as Bill did," Jordan said.

"That's a really interesting thing. Same feeling Bill has?" Roberts asked.

"Yeah, and I think that we've let the bureaucrats run it for awhile and I think let's let a businessman try it," Jordan said.

The woman with them, Jenna Miller, called herself a "hardcore Republican" but said she would be supporting Hillary Clinton over Trump. She apparently told Roberts that as a "Fox News girl," she was making an exception to appear on the rival network.

Her young son, who appeared deeply unhappy to be on MSNBC, said he would be voting for Batman.

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