Filner Lists His Accomplishments in Resignation Speech

'We protected La Jolla from the poop from the seals and others'


Outgoing San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D) tearfully listed his accomplishments in his resignation speech Friday evening.

Among his chief accomplishments, Filner revealed, was protecting the city of La Jolla from seal poop:

BOB FILNER: […] You've watched most of you supported as we looked at Balboa Park and prepared for the centennial. We got the cars out of Plaza de Panama for the first time ever. If you haven't been by there, go by. It's an incredible canvas on which we can all paint what the future of Balboa Park will be. We protected seals and we protected La Jolla from the poop from the seals and others. We negotiated tens of millions of dollars in savings for you all in our leases of our buildings. We had a structurally balanced budget, and we joined in a five-year labor agreement which for the first time gives us an ability to help our employees and without further vilification of them for those who run our city.  […]

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