Fashionista Disses Michelle Obama

'Do you think she has style?' 'I don't'


Scott Schuman, of the popular blog the Sartorialist, was in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to promote his book. The blog and Schuman have been recognized as influential fashion sources since the webpage’s 2005 launch.

Schuman is not a fan of the First Lady’s style, according to an interview with Roll Call’s "Heard On The Hill":

What do you think about first lady Michelle Obama’s style? Do you think she has style?

I don’t.

To me people — you see it in the first book, you see it in this book … most of these people, it’s not about who they are [their titles, their jobs], but it is about the abstract concept of who they are.

The photographer/blogger was similarly unenthusiastic about fellow fashion guru Anna Wintour’s speculated ambassadorial appointment. While he did not take a strong stance on the topic, Schuman noted "I think there are others within the fashion field who would maybe be better-suited."