Egypt Adds Three Islamists to Cabinet

Mohammed Morsi / AP


Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi swore in three new Islamists to his cabinet Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The new lineup brings the number of Islamist allies in the cabinet to seven of 32 ministerial positions from four, including the finance minister post, according to opposition leaders.

The change came just before Monday talks with the International Monetary Fund over a loan meant to bolster Egypt’s currency. Opposition leaders are concerned that Morsi is prioritizing power over fixing Egypt’s weak economy.

Representatives from the secular-leaning opposition and activist leaders said the cabinet shake-up was further evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood, which backs Mr. Morsi, prizes power over much-needed political changes and economic overhauls. Brotherhood critics say the group has gone back on its pledges for wider political pluralism, pushing its allies into high-level jobs over the complaints of weaker secular political forces.