Edwards Still in the Red


Disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards still owes more than $332,000 in campaign debt, according to filings released today. The former North Carolina senator is perhaps best known for cheating on his dying wife and fathering a child with his mistress.

The debt includes $64,593.75 owed to Axelrod & Associates, the firm founded by David Axelrod and now known as AKPD Message and Media. After being stripped of his ad-making duties during Edwards’ 2004 presidential campaign, Axelrod continued on as the candidate’s spokesman.

Edwards was not invited to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in his home state. During the event he was referred to as "the name that must not be mentioned."

Following a trial on public corruption charges, Edwards was acquitted on one count of misusing campaign funds but the jury was unable to reach a decision on five remaining counts in 2012.

The Justice Department announced in June that it would not retry the case.