Ed Schultz’s Super PAC to Shut Down After Only $25 in Donations


Former MSNBC host Ed Schultz's former super PAC has been forced to close after receiving a total of $25 in donations.

The Daily Caller‘s Evan Gahr first reported this story.

Schultz formed his super PAC, Americans for a Strong Middle Class, in October 2015. His super PAC has since taken out a $100 loan. Its FEC disclosure filing with an ending period of December 31 shows that they also have more than $15,000 in debt. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the PAC has never made a purchase on an ad or any other political work.

The left-wing pundit released a video on YouTube earlier in February announcing his departure from the group, owing his leaving to not having enough time to devote to it. Schultz envisioned the organization as being a rival to Karl Rove and his super PAC American Crossroads.

There is only one other individual who is listed on their website as being a part of the PAC, Ron Hartenbaum, its treasurer. Hartenbaum is a founding partner of MediaAmerica and was a CEO for Jones Radio Networks.

Schultz is now the host of News with Ed Schultz on RT America, a cable news network funded by the Russian government. RT networks have been widely criticized as being a propaganda machine for the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin. In 2014, Secretary of State John Kerry called RT a "Propaganda Bullhorn."

Jack Heretik

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