Ed Markey Doesn’t Really Live in Massachusetts


Rep. Edward Markey’s (D., Mass.) residences may be an issue in the special election for the Senate seat vacated by now-Secretary of State John Kerry, the Boston Globe reports.

Markey has maintained his childhood home in Massachusetts throughout his 37 years in the House of Representatives, but the Globe found he spends much of his time at his Maryland home in an exclusive neighborhood, which is "triple the size." Critics have called into question Markey’s allegiance to his "home" state:

Markey’s Malden water bills suggest he is there infrequently, paying only the monthly minimum for service. Mortgage documents on his two homes tell an ambiguous tale, with both homes listed at various points as his primary residences. House records show that he and his staff have spent less annually from his official budget on travel over the last four years than any of the state’s other House members, which could suggest he travels back to his district less often.

At the same time, longtime neighbors in Malden, and local politicians, say Markey is part of their community and is active in using his position to push local development and public works projects. The question has never become a big enough problem to prompt a strong electoral opponent, a further indication that it may not be viewed as a major concern to those in his district.

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