Durbin: ‘We Need to Open Our Minds to Other Tax Revenue’


One thing Sen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) was clear on Sunday: He wants more taxes.

The Illinois Democrat argued in a Sunday interview with Candy Crowley for new taxes on the energy sector and the closure of more loopholes on the wealthy, despite the conclusion of the fiscal cliff negotiations less than a week ago that raised taxes on high earners:

DURBIN: We need to open our minds to other tax revenue. We've had conversations about an infrastructure fund that will really start America building again–for the highways, and airports, and dams–

CROWLEY: How do you fund that? It's already funded by the federal gas tax, right? Do you want to raise the federal gas tax?

DURBIN: I believe we should have energy taxes that really fund infrastructure investment in America–

CROWLEY: On who? I'm sorry, who's taxes would be raised?

DURBIN: Well, there's a variety of ways to approach this Candy. We've talked about the gas tax–now's not the moment to raise it, but it really is something we ought to consider in the future.

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