Donor to Groups Devoted to Reducing U.S. Nuclear Stockpile Receives Scientific Achievement Award

Andrew Sessler

Andrew Sessler /


A donor to a Democratic representative and a number of groups devoted to reducing the U.S. nuclear stockpile received a prestigious White House award for scientific achievement on Monday.

Dr. Andrew Sessler, director emeritus of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, received the Department of Energy’s Enrico Fermi Award, the administration announced.

Sessler was cited "for advancing accelerators as powerful tools of scientific discovery, for visionary direction of the research enterprise focused on challenges in energy and the environment, and for championing outreach and freedom of scientific inquiry worldwide."

Sessler has donated $1,700 to the Council for a Livable World, a Washington-based advocacy group that is, according to its website, "dedicated to reducing the danger of nuclear weapons and increasing national security."

The group backs congressional candidates who favor additional nuclear arms control restrictions.

Sessler has also given thousands of dollars to the Ploughshares Fund, which works for what arms control advocates call "Nuclear Zero" – the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

Sessler gave $800 to Rep. Bill Foster (D., Ill) in 2007 and 2008, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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