Dems Learn to Love Democracy-Killing McCutcheon Ruling


Congressional Democrats were quick to decry a recent Supreme Court decision that eased campaign contribution limits, but members of their caucus are now taking full advantage of the increased fundraising potential it provided.

The court’s decision in McCutcheon vs. FEC "further drowns the voices of working Americans," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) said back in April.

Now at least 26 of Reid’s Democratic colleagues stand to benefit from fundraising enabled by that decision.

The Democratic Party’s official Senate campaign arm is exploiting the court’s rejection of aggregate contribution limits through a new effort called the Grassroots Victory Project, the Center for Public Integrity reported on Tuesday.

Paperwork recently filed with the Federal Election Commission indicates 26 Democratic candidates and party committees stand to benefit from money raised collectively through the Grassroots Victory Project 2014.

This means that thanks to the McCutcheon ruling, donors this year may give more than $178,000 a piece to the new Grassroots Victory Project 2014, which would distribute the funds among its 26 members. […]

Dan Backer, the conservative attorney behind the McCutcheon case, laughed when informed of the Democrats’ new jumbo joint fundraising committee.

"I’m thrilled to help the Democrats demonstrate their hypocrisy," Backer said. "It’s taking advantage of the freedoms that have been given to them through the McCutcheon decision. They’re dirty free-riders, and I wish them all the best as they raise even more money from the likes of Tom Steyer and George Soros."

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