Democrat’s Got Her Panties in a Bunch

Laina Fetherolf / Facebook


Laina Fetherolf, Hocking County prosecutor and a Democrat, filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission over panty rumors, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

In its first-ever complaint involving a politician’s underwear, the Ohio Elections Commission was asked today by Fetherolf to get to the bottom of the case of the prosecutor’s panties.

The Democrat, who is seeking her second term, asked the state panel to brand her opponent, Republican lawyer Jason Sarver, as a liar for spreading tales about her courtroom conduct that have elicited snickering among the electorate.

Fetherolf allegedly wore dark panties under a light-colored dress. The judge asked her to fix the problem and in response, Fetherolf went to the bathroom, removed her knickers and delivered them to the judge as evidence.

Fetherolf claims it never happened:

It never happened, Fetherolf says. "I was willing to laugh it off until the story began to spread … I’ve heard about it from multiple people. Everybody in Logan is talking about this story he made up," she said [Wednesday].

The judge who allegedly received the unmentionables said, "No panties have ever been placed on my bench by anyone, including her."

The lesson for all aspiring politicians: avoid underwear lines at all cost.

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