Democrat Selling Shirts Calling Donald Trump a ‘Jagoff’


A Pennsylvania Democrat is hoping to fundraise off Donald Trump mania by selling official campaign t-shirts that say the Republican frontrunner "is a jagoff."

John Fetterman, the mayor of a small town in western Pennsylvania who is running for Senate, says that jagoff is "Pittsburgh slang for an irritating, inept, or repugnant person."

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The Fetterman campaign is billing it as the shirt for "when a dignified response to hateful rhetoric just doesn't cut it anymore."

The shirt is only being sold from now until Sunday and is priced at $35. It is being sold through ActBlue, which is the unofficial online fundraising arm of the Democratic Party.

Fetterman initially called Trump a "jagoff" last month after Trump began pushing his plan to ban Muslims from entering the country.

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