Dem Rep. Richardson Faces Punishment by Congress

Wikimedia Commons


The House Ethics Committee urged the House to use the rare punishment of reprimand on Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson (Calif.) for pressuring her congressional employees to work on her re-election campaign, the Chicago Tribune reports:

In a scathing report issued Wednesday, the ethics panel's investigative subcommittee found Richardson improperly used House resources for campaign and personal purposes, compelled congressional staff to work on her campaign and obstructed the committee investigation "through the alteration or destruction of evidence" and "the deliberate failure to produce documents."

"Through her actions, she demonstrated a callous disregard for her staff and the resources entrusted to her by the American people," the report says. "Her disrespect for boundaries between the official and the political realms, as well as the boundaries that define the Committee's jurisdiction, deserves a public reprimand." …

It’s also the latest trouble for the 50-year-old Richardson, a congresswoman since 2007 who was a victim of embezzlement by her campaign treasurer and who previously drew attention for a personal financial history that included defaulting on three mortgages.

The House will most likely vote as early as Thursday on Richardson’s punishment for violating the standards of conduct. Richardson also faces a $10,000 fine.

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