Cutter: I Love Cheese

Stephanie Cutter / AP


Former Obama for America deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter appeared on a special web edition of "This Week" with George Stephanopoulus yesterday. She fielded a question by a Facebook viewer on the climate of the Obama campaign as one of the few women in a senior leadership role during the appearance.

Cutter, who has been touted as a member of Obama’s boys’ club while pushing economic reform for working class women, stated gender identity was irrelevant on the campaign.

When you’re in the thick of it and you’re looking around the table, you’re not counting how many men or how many women are sitting around. That’s your team. And we had been together for many, many years. So it was a close-knit team that worked well together.

Cutter said she does not regret calling presidential candidate Mitt Romney a "felon."

"I don’t regret saying it, it is the truth," said Cutter.

The Massachusetts native also divulged that her favorite comfort food is cheese.