County Investigating Taxpayer-Funded Trips to Wendy’s, More

Auditors examining whether employees abused a taxpayer-funded taxi program


A North Carolina county is investigating allegations that county workers used taxpayer-funded taxis for personal use — like a trip to Wendy's.

CBS Charlotte reports Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James has called for a full investigation into the charges that employees at the county's Department of Social Services abused a taxpayer-funded taxi program:

James gave WBTV several documents that he obtained from an anonymous source that he believes works in DSS. He says the documents show trips, both to and from citizens' homes, paid for with taxpayer money.

James said what upset him the most, when he read an email from August, showing a client used a DSS-paid taxi for at trip to Wendy's.

"I don't know why we would be taking people to Wendy's or Burger King or McDonald's on the government dime," he said.