Corporate Clients in Warren’s Past

Elizabeth Warren / AP


Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren worked on behalf of a coal mining company to help suppress health care benefits for retired coal workers. According to ABC News:

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic nominee in the hotly contested Massachusetts Senate race, worked on behalf of coal mining company in a bankruptcy case in the 90′s. The company, LTV Steel, was fighting against a congressional requirement that it pay into a retired workers health care fund, an action required by the Coal Act of 1993.

The case, which was first reported by the Boston Globe, is the second past case to surface recently that could prove politically problematic for Warren, who polling shows is currently in a close race. Earlier this month it was reported that Warren, who is generally recognized as one of the top experts in the area of bankruptcy law, represented another corporate client, Traveler’s Insurance, in 2009. …

Warren’s campaign has centered on her career of fighting for the so-called "little guy"– and so her representation of these corporations could appear to be, at least on the surface, at odds with that message.