CNN: Iowa Democrats Remain Undecided 20 Days Before Caucus


Registered Democrats in Iowa are still undecided a mere 20 days before the Iowa caucuses, a CNN profile revealed Tuesday.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota interviewed three voters, including Alexander Doser, a student at Iowa State and the President of the Iowa State Democrats who still isn’t sure who he is going to vote for.

"Alexander, you are undecided. You are 20 days away. What are you waiting for?" Camerota said.

"I’ll probably walk into the caucus and have to make up my mind on the spot," Doser said.

"Is that right?" Camerota said.

"Yeah, I think so," Doser said.

Camerota asked Doser what his undecided position meant for the night of the Iowa caucuses.

"How often does that happen? I should mention that you’re the President of the Iowa State Democrats, so you know how this whole process works. Many people around the country don’t understand the caucuses as well as they understand the primaries," Camerota said. "So if you walk in that night, and you’re undecided, what happens? People try to cajole you and sway you?"

Doser said that undecided and decided voters could be easily convinced on who to vote for.

"They do, it’s surprising how often that does happen in the caucuses, too, how many people might even come in, supporting one candidate, might get talked into supporting another," Doser said. "It’s a pretty remarkable process."

Doser later said that he is torn between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders because he is looking for "experience and authenticity." Clinton, he said, has the first, and Sanders has the second.

In response to her authenticity problem, Clinton has gone out of her way to increase her media appearances on news and entertainment shows. She has also been working to appeal to millennials like Doser by flaunting Girls heroine Lena Dunham on the campaign trail and hosting fundraisers at the SoulCycle.

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