Christie: Obama’s Inaugural Akin to ‘My Way or the Highway’


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sharply criticized President Obama's inaugural address Tuesday during his monthly "Ask the Governor" radio segment on 101.5 FM, saying its tone served to divide rather than unite.

"What I think is that people in America right now want to see results," Christie said. "They want a government that they actually feel like is working for them, not just talking at them or over them … I think it's up to the president to try to change that. I don't think that his inaugural address augured well for that. I think his inaugural address, instead of trying to bring people together, was a manifesto for, ‘Hey, it's my way or the highway.' I don't think that's necessarily productive. But we'll see how he acts. The speech is just one speech, one day. We're going to see how he acts moving forward."