Chris Matthews Goes Off on DSCC’s Guy Cecil for Spinning Upcoming Christie Win

'This is unfortunate that you come on the show to do this. I want thinking people on the show who give honest answers'


MSNBC's Chris Matthews ripped DSCC Director Guy Cecil for trying to spin the significance of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's projected blowout win Monday on Hardball.

Matthews uncharacteristically called out Cecil on several of the Democratic operative's answers where he implied that Christie's win will have no positive impact for the Republican brand around the country:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I want to start with Cecil. A guy looking across the aisle right now. Tell me what it's like to face the possibility that Christie could win really big tomorrow and possibly begin a resurgence of establishment Republicanism, non-right wing Republicanism.

GUY CECIL: Well, I can tell you in senate races around the country, that hasn't been the case.

MATTHEWS: Talk about New Jersey. Don't change the subject. Talk about New Jersey. What will be the impact if you get 65 percent or something win by Christie and he begins to look like the image of the Republican party. Is that important or not?

CECIL: I think the impact is zero. When you look at what —

MATTHEWS: Wait a minute. Stop right here. If you're just going to flack, you're of no value to this show. You're telling me a victory in a headline dominating race in New Jersey doesn't matter? It just doesn't matter?

CECIL: That's exactly what I'm telling you.

MATTHEWS: You have no value to this show if you're going to talk like that. That is insane talk.

At the conclusion of Cecil's partisan screed Matthews unequivocally slammed the Democratic spokesperson:

MATTHEWS: This is unfortunate that you come on the show to do this. I want thinking people on the show who give honest answers. By the way, target the question with the answer.

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