Chris Matthews Can’t Pronounce Ben Sasse’s Name, Declares Him Unimportant


Only MSNBC's Chris Matthews could make his own ignorance of a Republican's name an excuse to mock that Republican in the same breath.

While anchoring Hardball Monday night and discussing Donald Trump's presidential bid, Matthews revealed he didn't know how to pronounce Sen. Ben Sasse's (R., Neb.) name and simultaneously dismissed him as unimportant.

"If Trump secures the nomination, looks like there could be a shattering of the Republican Party," Matthews said. "This weekend, you have Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama [who] became another big-time official to back the New York billionaire.

"Some others insist they will never support Trump. Senator Ben Sass-uh," Matthews said before pausing. "Is that how you pronounce it? Nobody–he's not exactly a major senator. We don't all know his name."

Apparently, if Matthews and his panel don't know how to pronounce your name, you are unimportant.

For Matthews' edification, Sasse's name is pronounced "Sass," and the conservative freshman lawmaker has made waves since entering office in 2015, such as when he gave a video address from the site of the San Bernardino massacre to clarify the war the U.S. is engaged in with radical Islam. He has also drawn attention with his strong, public opposition to Trump.

Apparently, Matthews' doesn't watch his colleagues' shows either. Sasse appeared on Chuck Todd's Meet The Press Daily in the 5 p.m. hour Monday evening to discuss his staunch opposition to Trump's candidacy.

Matthews covers politics "for a living," which has allowed him to do things like confidently predict Rand Paul would be the 2016 GOP presidential nominee or make awkward remarks about some Republicans' Cuban heritage.

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