Chinese Aircraft Carrier First to Takeoff, Land Planes


After years of preparation, the Chinese military performed its first aircraft carrier takeoffs and landings last week on the Liaoning.

Video of the takeoffs and landings was captured via China's CCTV, according to Business Insider.

The New York Times reported last month that the "Liaoning has also been portrayed as a kind of test platform for the future development of domestically built Chinese carriers."

As China's naval presence increases, the U.S. naval fleet is facing already less than ideal conditions with the sequester looming at year's end.

The Navy and the administration negotiated on the size of fleet in President Obama's first term, with the administration ultimately setting the size at 300 ships by 2019–below the Navy's request.

Meanwhile, Navy inspectors rated a third of all cruisers and amphibious ships "unsatisfactory" between 2008 and 2012, according to Stars and Stripes.