Schakowsky: Past Dem Opposition to Raising Debt Ceiling ‘Symbolic’


Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D., Ill.) said past Democratic opposition to raising the debt ceiling was "not real" and "symbolic" Thursday afternoon on FNC:

JAN SCHAKOWSKY: And you know – this debt ceiling issue is just crazy. I stand with the Koch brothers right now —

NEIL CAVUTO: Was it crazy seven years ago when a lot of your Democratic colleagues voted against raising it? Was it crazy then?

SCHAKOWSKY: Well, except it wasn't real and this is real. The last time —

CAVUTO: Well I guess "real" is in the eye of the beholder Congresswoman.


CAVUTO: If it was theatrics then, I guess it's theatrics now, right?

SCHAKOWSKY: It was more — you know that those past votes were more symbolic, but when we really had a crisis over the debt ceiling in 2011, there were real consequences. Real lasting consequences, and we didn't even — we did raise the debt ceiling in the end, but we saw the deficit grow, Neil, when there was this threat to — and so as I said I stand with the Koch brothers, the U.S. chamber of commerce, against the debt crisis.

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