Carney: Only People in D.C. Think Meetings with Congress Mean Something

WH spox defends president's trip to Pennsylvania as reporters challenge him on whether fiscal cliff talks have stalled


White House press secretary Jay Carney defended at a Tuesday press briefing President Obama's upcoming trip to Pennsylvania as fiscal cliff negotiations appear to have stalled.

Reporters at the press briefing challenged Carney on the president's trip, asking if the president and Congress are just "killing time" right now.

"Wouldn't it send a signal to the American people and to markets to see the president meeting here with Congressional leadership?" Bloomberg reporter Julianna Goldman asked Carney. "That would be a signal that Washington can function."

"The signal that Washington can function is the result," Carney replied. "Only inside the Beltway do people think that sitting in a room for a photo spray will solve necessarily problems. The work has to be done and that work is being done."