Carney Mocks Fox News


WENDELL GOLER: Jay, on the AP phone record, what prevents the president from picking up a phone, calling Eric Holder and asking him what happened?

JAY CARNEY: An enormous, a great deal preventing the president from doing that. It would be holy inappropriate for the president to involve himself in an investigation that, as Jessica points out at least as reported, involves leaks from the administration. I mean, imagine the story on Fox if that were to happen. [Laughter] So that's why. and — [laughter] you know, this is — we have seen from the press reports the information about attempts to seek phone records from the Associated Press, and we're not involved in those decisions. And we can't comment on an ongoing criminal investigation for reasons that I think — I know maybe the question was rhetorical, but I think are pretty apparent to everyone who's covered these things over the years.