Carney Doesn’t Know What White House Will Do For Women

'You don't have a single policy agenda item you can point to that he promises to act on?'


Pressed by the White House press corps to reveal specifics in President Obama's second-term agenda to promote women's equality, press secretary Jay Carney could not deliver at Friday's press briefing.

"I don't have a preview for you for future actions, but his record is strong on this and he will work with members of Congress and through his administration to continue to advance the cause that he believes is very important," Carney said.

The Washington Free Beacon has previously reported on unequal pay and the lack of gender diversity in the Obama White House, and it came to further national attention after a White House Flickr photo was released of Obama meeting with an all-male cadre of his top advisers in the Oval Office.

Asked to name a single administration policy item that would promote equal pay in the workplace, Carney had nothing.

"I wouldn't want to steal his thunder by presenting everything he's going to do in his second term on the fifth day of the second term. "The president's commitment to women's equality is incredibly strong. It has been demonstrated throughout his first term and will continue to be demonstrated. It is reflected in the positions he took. Again, I don't have actions of the future to announce today … You can throw things at me and I promise you I'm not going to get ahead of the president."

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