Bob Shrum Unaware that Zero Dems Have Voted for Obama’s Budgets


O’BRIEN: I also imagine that cutting the budgets for some of those agencies will give you massive amounts of money? It contributes a lot to the budget, right?

JOHNSON: True, because discretionary spending is about $1 trillion. our deficit is $1 trillion. soledad, that's the problem. Republicans have put forward budgets, voted for them, willing to be held accountable. Democrats have not. President obama has not.

SHRUM: You won't vote for them.

JOHNSON: Nor have any Democrats.

SHRUM: Democrats have voted for those budgets and supported those budgets.

JOHNSON: Zero to 610 is the vote total of the last three votes on his last two budgets, 0-610. Do you think that's a serious proposal? President Obama, show us your plan.