Bloomberg’s Pay for View

Obama to sit for interview with daughter of major donors

Obama, Goldman / AP, Bloomberg


President Barack Obama will sit down with Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman for his first television interview since the election, according to Politico.

The president will participate on Tuesday in his first television interview since the election.

Bloomberg's White House correspondent Julianna Goldman will do the questioning, Bloomberg announced. According to a preview, they will discuss the fiscal cliff and his priorities and agenda for his second term.

Goldman’s parents, Michael and Barbara, are major Democratic donors. During the 2012 cycle, the Goldmans contributed at least $5,400 to Obama and $1,000 to the Democrat National Committee. Barbara Goldberg Goldman sits on the Executive Committee of the National Jewish Democratic Council and served as co-chair for Obama’s Jewish Community Leadership team in 2008.

It is unclear if Obama is aware that his interviewer’s parents have been major supporters and volunteered for his campaign.

Obama personally delivered a birthday cake to Julianna Goldman in May. The reporter celebrated her birthday aboard Air Force One after a trip to Afghanistan. Obama led the press cabin in a round of "Happy Birthday."

Goldman was married to former television reporter David Shuster.

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