Blackburn: Spending Problems Need to be Addressed Now

'If the President is wanting to be the Driver-in-Chief to go over the fiscal cliff, I find that very disappointing'


Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R., Tenn.) rebuffed CNN host Soledad O'Brien's notion that Washington's spending problems could be solved at a later date so Republicans would not assume public blame for going over the fiscal cliff on Wednesday's "Starting Point."


SOLEDAD O'BRIEN: Technically he doesn't. What's going to happen because of the expiration that would eventually raise taxes on the middle class, I think especially for Republicans who look sort of certainly in polling that they'd be holding the bag on this, Democrats could wait the clock out. Because what happens on that day, taxes go up for everybody and then Republicans will look like they're the people  who have supported raising taxes on the middle class, which is one of those things that will get you unelected pretty darned fast. So technically you don't have to solve the spending thing right at this moment, right?


MARSHA BLACKBURN: No. The President's plan would generate eight days of revenue, so you're going to raise taxes on the top 2%, and you're going to pay for 2% of your spending. I mean, this makes no sense. You have to deal with the spending issues. Just raising taxes on the top 2% makes the problem worse. We don't want to go there. As I said, we have passed these bills out of the House. They have been in the Senate for months. If the President is wanting to be the Driver-in-Chief to go over the fiscal cliff, I find that very disappointing. Our constituents deserve better. This is not good for the country, and we would like to see him come to the table and address the spending issues. You know, you can read article after article, and it will say you have to address all the health care costs there.


Full interview:

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