Biden in 2011: ‘Paul Ryan is a decent, honorable, smart guy’


Vice President Joe Biden emphasized last year what a "decent, honorable, smart guy" Rep. Paul Ryan is, at a New Hampshire fundraiser.

BIDEN: But the second reason why I said I feel good about ’12 is they’re laying out their agenda. Paul Ryan budget—and by the way, Paul Ryan is a decent, honorable, smart guy. He genuinely is. So, I don’t want to hear Democrats talking about, "He’s a bad a guy." He reall thinks—he really thinks that the way for America to own the 21st century is the prescription he’s laid out. And every Republican in the Congress obviously thinks so as well. Rep. Ryan, who’s a good, smart, decent man—he is—he’s laid out the Republican vision for how to deal with the deficit and how to move forward. But he does it by decimating Medicare, slashing investments in key areas, putting everything on the backs of the middle class, while continuing to maintain increased tax breaks for the wealthiest among us. Every Republican candidate in the House of Representatives embraced that vote, except—and every Republican candidate for president embraced that Ryan budget….