Biden: al Qaeda ‘Decimated’

Intel, experts: al Qaeda growing


Vice President Joe Biden continued to repeat Thursday a thoroughly discredited Obama campaign talking point that the terror group al Qaeda has been "decimated."

"We decimated al Qaeda central," Biden declared during Thursday evening’s debate with Republican Paul Ryan, echoing a talking point oft repeated by Obama and his campaign surrogates.

Intelligence reports and other sources, however, have indicated that contrary to this talking point, al Qaeda is actually on the rise across the greater Middle East and elsewhere.

An al Qaeda offshoot was credited with carrying out the deadly attack in Libya that claimed the life of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and several other Americans.

"Al Qaeda is, unfortunately, alive and well in the Maghreb, Yemen, and elsewhere, as the administration will probably admit after the election," former National Security Council member Elliott Abrams, told the Free Beacon earlier this week. "The claim that the organization was rendered toothless after [Osama bin Laden] was killed is simply not accurate, and every terrorism specialist in our government knows that."