Barrasso: No To Tax Increases and No To Susan Rice as Secretary Of State


Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyom.) appeared on CNN's Starting Point Thursday morning to discuss the possibility of tax increases and Susan Rice's potential nomination to Secretary of State. Sen. Barrasso stated that he opposes tax increases on anyone with an economy in its current condition and that he would oppose a Susan Rice nomination to Secretary of State. On Ambassador Rice, Barrasso contended that Rice's failure to critically evaluate the information she was given on Benghazi prior to her talk show appearances disqualifies her from the post of Secretary of State.

JOHN BARRASSO: I don't think we ought to be raising taxes on anyone in times like these.

JOHN BARRASSO: (Ambassador Rice) just parroted information she was given, a Secretary of State needs to have sound judgment, ask tough questions, and not be willing to just read talking points.